Capture, Organise, Manage and Retrieve Information with DocuWare

Successful digitisation depends on how well information flows between your colleagues, team and organisation.

DocuWare is a document management archiving and workflow automation platform that empowers you to capture, process and use your business information.

Hosted in the cloud or on your premises you can boost your productivity and secure your information.

It’s time to launch into a paperless and digital transformation with confidence. [see examples]

Secure, Accessible, Mobile and Compliant

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Capture and Organise Your Information

You can bring together scanned documents, emails and their attachments, data captured online and documents captured via mobile devices.
Also, archive it all in a secure and searchable digital storeroom.

On top of that any business document is welcome:

– invoices and delivery notes
– applicant resumes and payroll stubs
– or project-related plans and log reports.

Automated indexing identifies key information for ultra-efficient organisation and retrieval, enabling your team to find information, use it, and keep it securely archived.

Keep Processes Running Smoothly

Your incoming documents or a change in status immediately trigger process steps, and these events link together into fast, digital workflow’s.

Transparency allows management to monitor progress and look at bottlenecks.

Capture, Organise, Manage and Retrieve Information with DocuWare

Docuware Workflow Manager



1. A newly captured invoice is instantly routed for approval
2. The approved invoice is booked and prepared for payment
3. An automatic data comparison with the ERP completes the indexing.

No manual data entry, no searching, no waiting. Smooth, accurate and with no loss of staff productivity.

Use Your Information As it Was Intended

Empower your team to make faster and more informed decisions.

All information about a customer, a project or a business process will be seconds away. You could access your information instantly from any browser or mobile device.

The last but not least, you can link your content with your ERP, CRM or HCM.

The important part is that decisions happen across a range of contexts and DocuWare ensures your information is right there.

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