Celebrating 10 Years of Business

Celebrating 10 Years of Business!

Euro Digital Systems have been trading for 10 years in September.
But how has the world changed for us as a company and for everyone else in those 10 years?

Let’s look at some headlines from 2009

In the USA – Michael Jackson died aged 50, Barack Obama was inaugurated as president and flight 1549 landed in the Hudson River with no fatalities.
In the UK our headlines included, Terry Wogan left the Radio 2 breakfast show, and Graham Norton took over the presenting of the Eurovision song contest.

We had the worst snowfall for 20 years and Andrew Haigh discovered the largest haul of Anglo- Saxon treasure worth a seven-figure sum.

We were all on Facebook using the new ‘Like’ button using the iPhone 3G which boasted a 3-megapixel camera and music was still provided by the 3rd generation of the iPod shuffle, touch and the nano (5th generation).

In the UK we were gaming on the Nintendo DS playing another code and the bestselling Christmas toy was the Zhu Zhu pet hamster. Our top tech of choice was the 3D television – 3DTV (I still have one!)

And Euro Digital Systems was born!

Euro Digital Systems Ltd started from humble beginnings at 36 Kansas Avenue, Salford.

The first recorded official deal was done by Chris Jordan. His customer was J Hopkins and we are privileged to say that they are still with us 10 years later!

They bought the Canon IR C 1021 which boasted 21 ppm had a weight up to 176 gsm and had a 400 MHz processor and 786 Mb memory.

The equivalent today would be the Canon imageRunner ADVANCE C256i III at 25 ppm, 220 gsm with 3 GB RAM and 250GB hard drive.

Kansas Avenue was a compact unit around 1800 sq foot containing a sales office which held 4 salespeople. Two of those are still with us today, Chris Jordan and Terri Spalding.

The Accounts department shared an office with the brand new MD Gary Hussey. In a different part of the building, there was a separate service reception which has 3 staff that have stayed the course.
Ashley Holt the Service Director, Mathew Small the Service Team Leader and Chris Winston who is based in our Yorkshire region.

Kansas Avenue had a small warehouse that would store parts, consumables and machines. Here all the new and refurbished machines that had been sold would be primed and mortality parts exchanged, it even had a small showroom from which demonstrations could be done.

Within two years of trading, Euro Digital had begun to grow and became too big for its first site. Another building had to be found that could be there forever home!

I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!

Gary had driven passed the building at Guinness Road, Trafford Park many times, but this time it was up for sale. The location, size and price! were all right.
An offer was put in and he became the proud owner of a shell that had massive potential.

After much manual labour by himself and some specialised trade people the company as we know it today formed.

It has had some changes internally over the years and refurbishments with the times but in essence, it’s still the same.
It has all the same departments (except Gary finally has an office to himself!)

From its beginnings in 2009 and as the recession continued, Euro Digital has grown more than 15 times bigger in turnover from its beginnings at Kansas Avenue.

It has moved into 2 other sites Yorkshire and North Wales.

The staff have increased from 7 on the first day to 48 to date and growing. It has not always been easy, as any company and owner would testify to, but Euro Digital has always grown and has been fortunate enough not have had to release anyone as a consequence of business growth.

I asked Gary Hussey Group MD for a quote on how he felt the last 10 years had gone:

‘Fricken hard! (I changed the first word!) We have gone from strength to strength, year on year. We try and run as transparently as possible and I have been fortunate over the years to have a strong team behind me with some of them here from the beginning.

I feel the success of the company is due to us embracing the evolution of the market place, and to do that we have strategically partnered with some of the leading hardware and software manufacturers. We are now able to offer a complete document management solution to our new and existing customers.

The changes in the industry that I have seen over the last 10 years means that as we leave behind analogue working and we move towards the more digital and paperless offices, we are well placed to be able to react and embrace the change.

I look forward to seeing where we are in the next ten years.’

So what does the future hold for Euro Digital Systems?

At the moment there are the 3 sites, Manchester, North Wales and Yorkshire. Gary’s plan through acquisition will be to expand into Warwickshire to allow coverage into Birmingham and Coventry. With London and Scotland being next on the radar.

Euro Digital Systems understand that the trend in the industry is not to just look at the hardware and the software but encompass your business as a whole.

Customers expect more from their providers. To facilitate this we are also looking to expand into the IT side of the business, this move will mean that we are able to fully support our customers when they need more than just connectivity and solutions, again moving alongside the direction of the industry.

We Invite You!

We would love you to be part of our 10 year Anniversary Celebrations.
Please join us between 9.30 – 16.30 on the 11th or 12th of September for our open day. It is a chance to meet our staff, have a drink and refreshments and chat with all-out preferred manufacturers who can exhibit the hardware and software solutions.

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