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Managed Print Service Solution (2018) – Why Is It Important?

How many times have you woken up and thought to yourself, ‘I need a Managed Print Service Solution’ – probably never!

Have you struggled scanning something to yourself and it’s not quite right, but you ‘make do’ it might be in the wrong file format PDF is secure but ideally you need word or excel so you can edit it, so you either retype the whole thing or use Tippex to cover the error and write the correction onto the page manually- or worse don’t change it at all.

Have you got the document scanned over to your PC and then do you wish your manager could authorise it straight away, so you could then action it, or worse you or they lose the hard copy or it gets forgotten about for a while under the mountain of paperwork you all have to deal with?

If you have ever looked for paperwork that you have passed to someone else and they have not returned it yet, and they swear they have done it and passed it back or forwarded it on to someone else and you have no paper trail?

Have you had a difference of opinion with a customer or a supplier and not had the information to hand, and had to call them back after you have searched though countless folders to get the paperwork, then not all the documentation is available, or worse someone has filed it under another heading so you have to go round the office asking for the details or who filed it.

And how do you tie together digital information, like emails with your paper ones especially if the emails went to someone else in the department, how would you know it was even sent?

Are you nodding yet?

So hours later you get your documents or letters back, you have finally cleared up any miscommunications, only to now have to file them for the first time or put them back yourself – when do you get the time? Are they going into the right folders or files? Are the files even in the same building?

How many times…have you gone to print a document and nothing happens as the machine is out of toner and you have none, so you go back to your PC and reprint to the next nearest device, your print was not really meant for anyone else’s eyes so you rush upstairs at breakneck speed to get to it before anyone else did. Then later someone puts the new toner in the machine downstairs and out pops your original job you sent for everyone to read, oops!

How many times have you gone to the photocopier to copy a few documents, and in between swapping the copies over, someone prints war and peace and all you can do is to wait for it to finish. Then they come over as you look at them and they apologise sheepishly for interrupting your work, as they collect their print.

Definitely nodding now?

You might not have woken up thinking you needed an managed print service solution, but if you nodded yes to any of the above you might definitely need one!

From the Input (scanning) Throughput (document lifecycle) and Output (Printing) we have a solution that can help your stress levels come down and that means you can be more productive at work. All the solutions are scalable which means if you have 1 device to 101 devices we can help.

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