Meet Sales And Their Recommendations For 2019

Meet Sales And Their Recommendations For 2019

How do you know if you have the right MFP?

How do you know which machine to choose?

Do you go for cost and maybe limit some features?

Do you go for quality which very often is not the most cost-effective? Let us help you decide!

We interviewed our sales team to find out which machines they rated as the best MFP,s to date and why.

Below is our pick of the ranges we work with – Xerox, Olivetti and Canon.

A4 Office Devices

Our A4 choice was the Canon C256 colour MFP. Chosen by Terri Spalding.


Terri said

“This device influenced my choice because, as an A4 only device not every office or department will need to have A3 printing.
It also has a competitive cost per copy and great quality. The C256 has all the features of an A3 device but the compact and sleek design means it can be put in places that an A3 design would not fit. Because its feature-rich it can still be included on a managed print solution like PaperCut.
Therefore as part of a fleet, you can include it in any find me printing and cost-saving deployment which can only be a good thing!”

A3 Office Devices

For quality, the canon Range is popular with most of our team.

Chris Jordan chose the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3500 III series and says

canon imagerunner advance c3525i

“This is my A3 machine of choice. Although the C5500 III series does follow closely behind. The C3500 series is competitively priced. I love the ability to scan to word and power point so i don’t have to rewrite any paperwork i have scanned in. It save me hours in time and labour!”

Terri and our Group Director Gary Hussey recommended the C5500 range for larger offices and higher volume printing.

Gary said

”This machine is perfect for the larger office, it is able to handle volumes of traffic and still give you all the benefits of scanning and photocopying.
I recommend the Eco stapler which is available on both model ranges. As companies are looking to save money and be more environmentally conscientious the Eco stapler is a perfect solution.
It will crimp up to 5 pages together without the need for metal staples.
It can also be utilised in areas that small pieces of metal cant be used, for example, clean rooms or food preparation. The Eco stapler, therefore, gives companies the benefit of stapling and it makes the existing ones go further, without the expense of having to renew your supplies all the time.”

Best Value For Money

The best value for money agreed by three of our team, Terri, Gary and Nick Hassell.

They all chose the Xerox VersaLink range, In particular, the Xerox VersaLink C7020.

xerox versalink c7030

Terri said

“It has great cloud and App connectivity. It is perfect for the smaller office that needs an out of the box solution. If they need their device to be more than just a printer, scanner and copier. Larger offices or groups would look to use the Xerox AltaLink range which has many of the same features”

Nick added

”I like the translator app, this lets any business that could come into contact with documents, digital or hard copy be translated. This then eliminates the need for human intervention. Which therefore can save the customer money and has countless applications. However if its for legal purposes you can still call on a wealth of knowledge that xerox has to offer. They will convert it using their bank of human translators to legal standards”

Last, but not least is Alan O’Connor’s choice, he believes his choice is perfect for the marketing department, proofing or customer-facing documents.

He chose the Olivetti d-Color 254 for the office.

olivetti d color mf254 mf304 mf364

”The quality of the copies and colour matching is superb for an office device and you can upgrade by adding a fiery. For anyone wanting to produce ‘in house’ documents on different types of media its perfect. Its ability to banner print to 1.2 meters means that any advertising media or posters in schools can be created without the need of a copy shop or expensive 3rd parties.”

Production Print

We are also selling higher volume devices. Often used in pay for print environments and the light production market.

The C60 is perfect for businesses that need varied media and paperweights. It has several professional finishing options to create in house documents for your customer to be used as a proof or create short runs of flyers, posters, booklets and in house media.

xerox c60

Nick Hassell our Sales Manager said

”The C60 / C70 and its big brother the Versant 180 / 300 really take print to the next level. I am also excited for the next generation of toners to be launched in September 2019 Gold, Silver, Clear and White.
It will mean existing C60 owners and new customers can expand their print offering whether it is internal print going to their own customers or short pay for print runs. Any business looking at extra design options, like the ability to print onto Black card, they can now compete in an ever-demanding market.”

Gary Hussey the group MD said

”We have so many options to choose from and we could not possibly list all our favourites. Every customer is unique and the way they work is also. The best way to make the right choice is to talk to one of our team who can then visit your site, get an understanding of the way you work and make informed suggestions based on all the information gained.
That could be through a print audit and a walk around to just sitting with a key operator and listening to their pain points.”


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