Protect You & Your Colleagues

Protect You & Your Colleagues

Is it just me, or have the last 4 months lasted forever? During the lockdown period, we have been building forts with toilet paper and pasta, fortunately, that is behind us, but this does not mean that the threat is over.

With new safety measures in place and to meet these needs, many companies have decided to help deal with the shortage of PPE for the NHS and for personal use by diversifying and manufacturing them. Many factories, including the furniture and textile industry, have launched the production of masks, gowns and protective visors.
The popular brewery Brewdog even began production of hand sanitizers!

Easing the lockdown does not mean that we can return to old habits. Far from it, everyone has a different view on this situation, it does not matter whether you believe in conspiracy theories, or that the pandemic is real or political game!

It is irrelevant if the cause of the virus lies in nature or whether it is a new atomic bomb, this situation has changed us all.
Changed our business, our environment, and our approach and use of digital technology. Has separated friends and family relationships for the good, the bad and the indifferently.

For all of us, this is a new reality and Euro Digital Systems can help your business get back on track.

How? By ensuring that your workplace and your employees are safe.

Carolyn Fairbairn, Director-General of the CBI said:

“Safety is at the heart of business thinking. Unless people feel safe, employees won’t return, customers will stay away and the restart will falter, harming livelihoods and public services”

Ensuring a safe workplace isn’t a choice – it’s a must if you want your business to survive.

Based on the government’s guidance there are a few steps that employers should take if their employees can’t work from home:

1. Carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment and share it with your staff. It’s a good practice to publish it on your website, especially if you are employing more than 50 people.

2. Maintain 2 metres social distancing, wherever possible. Employers should re-design workspaces to maintain 2-metre distances between people by staggering start times, creating one-way walk-throughs, opening more entrances and exits, or changing seating layouts in break rooms.

Looking into putting barriers in shared spaces, creating workplace shift patterns or fixed teams minimising the number of people in contact with one another, or ensuring colleagues are facing away from each other.

3. Reinforcing cleaning processes – Workplaces should be cleaned more frequently, paying close attention to high-contact objects like door handles and keyboards, printers etc. Employers should provide handwashing facilities or hand sanitizer at entry and exit points.

But why not go above and beyond to welcome back your employees?

Olivetti is introducing the FL X1 Thermo Scanner in a PAD format – a highly efficient discreet solution.

So how does it work?

  • Can be mounted on a dedicated support stand or on a wall
  • It detects the person’s temperature and the presence/absence of a mask, displaying on the screen the temperature detected and the result of the check effected on mask presence
  • The data as indicated above and, by means of a simple connection with the access control system, provides an electrical signal (in relay mode) to enable/disable operation of the physical entry point
  • Allows for critical data to be registered, provided that it is carried out in such a way that it is respectful of personal privacy
  • Data can be registered and conserved only in cases where the temperature threshold is exceeded to allow documentation of why access to the site was denied

Not only is the virus a problem but along with it are all sorts of other important issues. One of the biggest focuses has been on isolation and mental health.

Not only the threat of infection affected it, but also the fear of losing a job and income, uncertainty about the future, lack of interaction with loved ones outside our household, and with the amount of fake news that has flooded the internet what do you believe!

For many people, returning to work has meant higher levels of anxiety, so it is up to employers everywhere to provide staff with the conditions supporting their return and to relative normality.

We believe that by introducing additional prevention controls like the Olivetti Thermo Scanner you are reassuring your employees and their families this can, in turn, improve their efficiency at work which can positively affect business performance.

Please remember that we are all in this together.

“And when this is all over
Through bad, we will see the good
Because whenever we are together
We’ll appreciate it, as we should”

If you wish to find out more about the Olivetti FL X1 Thermo Scanner and see how we can support your business during return to work, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe!

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