Olivetti d-Color MF3303

  • Speed 33 pages per minute (d-color MF3303), 40 pages per minute (d-color MF 4003), mono and colour
  • 10.1 multi-touch colour user interface, 100% customisable

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Digital evolution is transforming also the modern work environment imposing a fresh reorganisation of space and adoption of new working modes. Side-by-side with efficiency and reliability, multifunction printers are also required to provide rapid document digitising, mobile printing and GDPR-compliant data security and protection all coherent with environmental sustainability.

The workplace is an environment where people spend many hours of the day, so everything must be studied carefully to ensure maximum comfort, this being an essential factor for improving concentration and productivity. Work tools, such as multifunction printers, must meet also other criteria such as ease-of-use and silent operation while having a small footprint and, not least, protecting users’ health.

Designed with these considerations in mind, the compact A4 multifunction colour printers, d-Color MF3303 and MF4003, deliver respectively 33 and 40 ppm, and allow modern offices to meet fully all the challenges of digital transformation.

Stylish in design and incorporating the latest technologies, the d-Color MF3303 and d-Color MF4003 provide the user a handy 10.1? floating operator touchscreen, which operates like a Smartphone, is highly intuitive to use and fully customisable.

Efficiency is improved by the immense 5 GB standard memory that cuts response times, as well as the 256 GB SSD; both offering shorter access times. Workflow is optimised as a result of significant improvements in first copy and warm-up times, while the automatic single pass dual scanner provides fast scanning capabilities from 90 ipm to 300 dpi on both models.

Data security and intrusion risk protection are provided by a variety of security functions, on these models, such as hard disk data encryption, different types of authentication, automatic data deletion on job completion and the Bitdefender? antivirus scanning (optional) that offers protection from viruses spreading inside and outside the organisation.

Through the utilisation of leading-edge technology, these new models have been designed to reduce environmental impact and achieve savings on running costs and energy usage. In particular, they feature a Dynamic Eco Timer that automatically analyses usage during working hours and regulates energy-saving times, accordingly.

Eco Scanning allows documents to be scanned without needing to pre-warming the printer motor, while Eco Printing prevents the operation panel from unnecessarily activation during printing-only tasks, resulting in even more power savings. What is more, a clever Weekly Timer enables an energy savings programme to be set on both a day-to-day and date basis, to ensure consistent savings.



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