Olivetti d-Copia 5001MF

  • Colour touch screen
  • The very best output quality

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These models have been designed to incorporate the latest advances in hardware and software security technology to ensure maximum data protection in office environments where the focus is on document management, file sharing and storage, even on the cloud.

An exceptional print resolution of 1,200dpi x 1,200dpi ensures the very best output quality in line with the same high standards set for all the features, functions and options of the d-Copia 5001MF and d-Copia 6001MF.

Parts and consumables of these machines have been designed with the latest methods and technologies to reduce environmental impact, and with longer-life cycles of up to 600,000 pages, they are highly reliable yet their running costs are kept low.

SETTING HIGH STANDARDS OF SECURITY: The d-Copia 5001MF provide some of the most advanced solutions for data protection and conservation, including ?Common Criteria? certification based on ISO/IEC 15408 EAL2 standards, involving encryption of data stored in the machines? memory and its subsequent deletion through multiple overwriting. The task of generating data encryption keys is the realm of the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip that conserves them in a reserved area of memory. Adoption of the SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) architecture means that the entire machine operation is constantly monitored. Compliance with IEEE 2600.1 standard results in the implementation of protection measures that apply to the whole system, in its entirety, in relation to password management policies.

UNPRECEDENTED EFFICIENCY: The new d-Copia 5001MF offer a vast range of options including the new single-pass DP-7130 Automatic Document Feeder with a scanning capacity of up to 220 images per minute and an ultrasonic sensor able to detect unwanted double-sheet feeds. The new DF-7130 Finisher has a total capacity of 4,200 sheets, with a stapling capacity of up to 100 A4 sheets or 50 A3 sheets from 3 different positions. When combined with the BF-9100 Folding and Saddle -stitching Unit, 80-page booklets and tri-folded brochures can be produced.

TOP OF THE RANGE TECHNOLOGY: The d-Copia 5001MF? feature a sophisticated technology which is able to support a vast range of paper formats from A6 to SRA3 and with weights ranging from 52 to 300 g/m? for simplex and 64 to 256 g/m? for duplex printing. Efficiency, ease of use and productivity are also assured by the addition of an innovative 10.1? multitouch Operator Screen. The d-Copia 5001MF adopt technological solutions designed expressly to enhance reliability, increase quality and reduce power consumption. To obtain these results, these machines are built with a QorIQ T1024 Dual Core Processor that, when coupled with the new ASIC Unit, increases efficiency by 20%, especially when printing in PDF format. The 8 GB SSD memory is dedicated exclusively to the Operating System leaving the 320 GB Hard Disk free exclusively for user data.



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