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Streamlining your business processes with Document Management solutions

On average, an office worker spends over 60 minutes per day looking for information, which is a waste of valuable company time and money… with a Euro Digital Systems document management solution, it doesn’t have to be this way.

The key benefits of a Document Management System

Reduced storage space
  • Commercial property costs are ever increasing and so is the expense of storing paper documents.
  •  A software-based Document Management Solution can reduce the need for filing cabinets and storage boxes, freeing up valuable office space.
Enhanced security
  • Document Management gives you better control over your sensitive documents and data.
  • Access can be controlled at ‘folder level’ for different groups or individuals.
  • Also leaves an audit trail showing who has viewed a document, when that document was accessed, and how it may have been modified.
  • Managed documents are highly traceable and can be tagged to allow for automated alerts.
Improved regulatory compliance
  • Document Management helps to reduce the risk of non-compliance and enables the automation of records retention schedules, which means new documents can be more easily classified and stored.
Easier retrieval
  • Provide a centralised resource for all your scanned and saved documents.
  • All documents are easily retrievable by all staff in the event that an employee should be off work ill, or have left your company.
Better collaboration
  • Enable your staff to share and collaborate more easily.
  • Share documents over your network and via email or the internet.
  • Greater visibility and better workflow monitoring.
  • Version Control which allows for older versions of the same document to be recovered. This feature is important if several parties work on the same document and changes are made to a document that was not authorised or were applied by mistake.
Better backup and disaster recovery
  • Your documents are protected from fire, flooding, and other disasters. This gives you peace of mind but also reassures your customers whose documents and data you hold. Trust is key in business.
  •  Documents can be digitised and archived at their point of entry into the system.
The intangibles that make life easier
  •  Access a specific document or correspondence relating to your conversation there and then.

What is Document Management?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, quick access to information and document management is essential. Any business, regardless of its size, can gain a competitive advantage by being able to

  • Store
  • Access
  • Analyse
  • Retrieve data instantly
What is Document Management?

About the software – DocuWare

DocuWare office automation solutions deliver smart digital workflow and document control that set a new pace for worker productivity and business performance. DocuWare’s zero-compromise cloud services are a recognized best-fit for digitizing, automating and transforming key processes.

How it works

DocuWare is a provider of cloud solutions for document management and workflow automation.
  • Enables disorganised and chaotic business processes to be transformed into clear and visible work-streams via automation.
  • Gives Managers clear visibility of how processes run within their company and enable them to track exactly where their document is within any particular work-stream.

At a glance

Workflow Automation allow organisations to overcome the disorder of conventional document management processes.

  • Digitise your office and your businesses processes.
  • Find and retrieve your information and documents quickly.
  • Keep track of changes.
  • Mobile and flexible access to information.
  • Seamless connection to your ERP / CRM system.

See how you can benefit from Document Management

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