How We Can Help You Go Green

At Euro Digital Systems we believe that every business should take responsibility for its own impact on the environment. We run our company in the most responsible manner and encourage all staff to recycle paper, cardboard, waste and redundant and aged inks and toners wherever possible.

We work with only the most conscientious of manufacturers

Each of the hardware manufactures we partner with have their own green credentials that we endorse and we strongly encourage the internal recycling of toners and waste parts through the WEEE legislation.

Each manufacturer has his own take back scheme with no cost attached which will allow you to responsibly recycle toners and some parts.

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Euro Digital Systems can help you as a business reduce your carbon footprint in several ways

The first- by putting in place a Managed Print System that continues to monitor your MFP or Printer output. The reporting dashboard can tell you what your real print costs are and who and which machines are spending the most, this will in turn allow you to see how many prints and how much energy you have used and reduce both. It can also help you offset your carbon footprint. Opt to have 100 trees planted on up to 3 sites around the world and the UK. The solution shows your print statistics against your trees planted, this allows your business to stay focused and on track.

We also subscribe to this system to help manage our internal print and emissions.

The second- consider reducing paper and printing in the office by keeping digital documents in their original format and by implementing an archiving and workflow system like Docuware.  Don’t print documents just to scan them back in or put them on someone’s desk to be reviewed. It can also reduce your filling and storage expenses.

The third- is through updating your MFP or Printer – New MFP’s have a lower energy consumption by design and use more internal recycled parts. They are more reliable and less prone to breakdowns which in turn increases business productivity.

The fourth – understandably if you can’t stretch to a new MFP then we can recycle some devices either in the workshop as a fully refurbished machine replacing mortality parts and fully testing it for quality and consistency. If we don’t refurbish it then it will be broken down into its component parts and recycled responsibly through different schemes we work with.

The fifth – consider going server less and into the cloud, (we can’t help you with that process) but, all our solutions and drivers can work on premise or in the cloud and the energy and costs that you can save by switching may go some way to contributing to one of the other solutions which can tighten your Green Credentials.  

However you want to start your Green journey Euro Digital Systems will be here to guide and advise you please call 0161 872 5020 or email