Hexagon Care Services

Hexagon Care Services manages 50+ residential children’s homes and schools across England, maintaining numerous contracts with local authorities. The organization is dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the lives of young people and supported adults.

The Brief

Hexagon had encountered a challenging situation with a prior service provider wherein their sites were inadequately monitored and lacked essential service support for addressing device malfunctions. Consequently, Hexagon found themselves in a predicament where they were compelled to independently procure toner supplies or replacement devices when failures occurred. This situation constituted an urgent matter since Hexagon’s sites could not afford to be without a Multi-Function Printer (MFP) and possessed minimal insight into their extensive fleet comprising of more than 100 devices.

The Solution

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Hexagon proactively sought a solution by engaging Euro Digital Systems. Chris Jordan assumed the role of the dedicated lead account manager and commenced contact with the It Manager to initiate discussions on how our services could be of assistance. Given the circumstances, Hexagon understandably exercised caution and preferred a gradual approach, and we, in turn, prioritized understanding Hexagon’s specific requirements. To build trust and confidence, we began by providing toner supplies and loan device’s, while also deploying a test device at their headquarters and one additional site for comprehensive evaluation of the equipment we endorse. Our primary objective was to ensure that Hexagon felt comfortable and had complete trust in our capabilities, which eventually paved the way for the seamless replacement of all their existing Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) with state-of[1]the-art in excess of 90+ A4 Ricoh devices across all their sites.

The Result

Kris Lowton (IT Manager) recognised the imperative need for a comprehensive field visibility solution, especially with the continual opening of new sites alongside the existing residential properties. Our monitoring software (SMart Print) has been instrumental in providing both parties with transparent insights into the usage statistics, including the volume of copies and prints, as well as the associated costs differentiating between monochrome and colour printing.

Moreover, the implementation of regular account meetings has established a reliable channel of communication, ensuring that Hexagon maintains a continuous awareness of toner supplies, fault resolution, and the responsiveness of our service support, thereby fostering a proactive and collaborative working relationship.

“Euro digital Systems have delivered outstanding service every single time helping me focus on the priorities that contribute to my organisation’s success. I consider them an essential business partner that help me achieve the outstanding outcomes I pride myself on, Would happily recommend them to you”

Kris Lowton, IT manager

The Challenges

  • Inadequate Monitoring and Support: Prior service provider lacked timely device monitoring and support.
  • External Procurement Dependency: Hexagon had to independently source toner supplies and devices.
  • Urgency: Hexagon couldn’t afford downtime without Multi-Function Printers (MFPs).
  • Trust Building: Building trust with the new service provider was a priority.
  • Cost Control: Understanding and managing the associated costs, especially for color printing versus monochrome, presents a challenge in optimizing expenses.

The Results

  • Exceptional Monitoring and Support: provided more reliable and timely device monitoring and support
  • External Procurement Dependency: supplying toner and loan devices, eventually replacing all existing MFPs with state-of-the-art devices.
  • Urgency: Recognizing the urgency, Euro Digital Systems acted quickly to provide solutions and prevent MFP downtime.
  • Trust Building: Deploying test devices, supplying toner, and demonstrating their capabilities.
  • Cost Control: The implementation of monitoring software (SMart Print) helped provide transparent insights into printing costs, aiding in better cost management